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Western Canadian Reining Association

WCRA Chapters

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WCRA Chapters

WCRA is a non-profit society, pursuant to the Societies Act of BC.  As such WCRA can establish “branch societies” to better promote the goals of the organization in local areas.

These local groups are referred to as “Chapters”.  Many advantages can be enjoyed by local Chapters – not the least of which is having their functions, shows, clinics, and activities covered by the annual insurance package that is purchased annually by WCRA.  In the world of equine activities, proper insurance is not only necessary but is usually expensive!
Currently, WCRA has four active Chapters – see the references below to find a WCRA Chapter in your local area.  “Links” to the Chapters’ websites and/or Facebook pages provide information on the reining activities, clinics and shows in your area.  We encourage you to check them out!

And finally, new Chapters can be established anywhere in the Province where five or more WCRA members are prepared to start that process.  References for setting up a WCRA Chapter can be found in the WCRA Bylaws, Part 8 – under the drop-down menu under “FORMS”.  Or feel free to contact one of the current WCRA Executive members listed on this website to discuss this possibility.

For more information on WCRA and its Chapters please contact     … and thanks for your support of reining in BC!

To become a Chapter of WCRA, please contact us at

Find out more information on each of our chapters below…


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